Taking care of pets grew out of our love for the wellness of animals. Initially, we found it fun and now we have a range of tools we use to ensure that our daycare pets have fun and are stimulated all throughout the day. We feed them lunch, do treat training and/or puzzles, and take them for two walks a day. They are also supervised during play and paired with the right group of pups to ensure that they are happy. A well balanced and tired pet is a happy pet.

We require that all pets are fully vaccinated, especially Bordetella. All pets over 6 months are also required to be neutered or spayed in order to join our daycare. We also require that your pet is potty trained. We can help with the training process if you need help. We do not use pee pads indoors, as we believe in taking the pets outside.

To join our daycare, please book a free 20 minutes consultation prior to booking. This is a chance for us to get your pet’s vaccination records and medical history, as well as determine if your pet is a good fit for daycare. You can call 604.620.7297, or book an appointment HERE.

Want to check out how your pet did during their stay at daycare? Simply check our Instagram page the next day for photos @petparlourstore

single pass - Full Day
More than 5 hours
Single pass - Half day
Up to 5 hours
multi pass - full day

10 x Pass ($35 per day) – $350
Valid for 3 months

20 x Pass ($33 per day) – $660
Valid for 6 months

Multi pass - Half day

10 x Pass ($21 per day) – $210
Valid for 3 months