We specialize in grooming pets of all sizes. We hired a number of Asian groomers and in the process we learned how to groom pets with cute Asian style such as Teddy Bear trim. Asian groomers have a way with scissors and a method to ensure that our pets look neat and shaped to whatever you want your pet to look like. We groom pets large and small, from dogs to cats.

Full Groom

Pricing varies depending on a few factors, such as your preferred style, coat condition, and temperament of the dog. Please bring your dog in for a complimentary consultation and then we can provide a more accurate quote.

A La Carte
Brush - $15 and up
Ear Cleaning -$15 and up
Ear Plucking - $15 and up
Gland Expression - $15 and up
Nail Trim - $15 and up
Pad Trim - $15 and up
Sanitary Trim - $15 and up
Cat Services
We now also offer cat grooming services. Please give us a call for more information!

***Prices are subject to change***